Travel Tips

Save on your bookings

  • Receive NZ$15 off your first uber ride by entering the code silken2ue when signing up.
  • Receive NZ$69 toward your first trip with Airbnb using this link (and if you were ever tempted to become an airbnb host, click here)!*
  • Have you ever thought about a homeexchange instead of paying accomodation on a holiday or business trip, either simultaneously or non-simultaneously? Then receive 125 addition Guest Points (GP), just by using this link on Homeexchange. During the sign-up process, you are rewarded with so many GP (I earned 1,750 GP) that you can already stay for free in your first homeexchange (for example, one night at my beachhouse costs 136 GP).*

Camping and travel in New Zealand

  • These were my favourite airbnb stays in New Zealand. I’m usually looking for unusual places, like buses, tree houses etc. So if you’re up for similar things, take a look.*
  • The staff at Global Wings Travel always come up with a cheaper flight than the one you are able to find. It’s worthwhile checking out this insider tip amongst Germans in New Zealand.
  • Affordable, reliable and with extra personal care and support: Marisa’s and Marko’s Campervan Junior – just because the service is outstanding.
  • Wendekreisen*
  • Canopy Camping – the slightly different camping experience
  • Photo impressions on fernfotos.
  • You’re about to go through a period of new beginnings? Then get inspired by Lisa and her horses!
  • Get to know the Kiwis a bit better through the funny short episodes of Goetheinstitut New Zealand, Kiwi-German life swap.
  • Are you flying Air New Zealand? Lucky you, they have the best safety videos! Here’s my personal favorite AirNewZealand-Safety video.
  • Kiwi pronounciation: dick or deck?
  • If you just experience an earth quake, find out everything about it on geonet.
  • Where exactly is the other side of the world? antipodr.

Going out

International money transfer / transfers made less costly – It helps to compare between providers because the foreign exchange market changes constantly

Travel literature and travel guides

For the links marked with * I am also receiving a little premium.