Travel Tips

Save on your bookings

  • Receive the equivalent of €15 cash reward when first booking through using this link!*
  • Receive your first ride for free by entering the code silken2ue when signing up.
  • Receive NZ$69 toward your first trip with Airbnb using this link (and if you were ever tempted to become an airbnb host, click here)!*
  • Have you ever thought about a homeexchange instead of paying accomodation on a holiday or business trip, either simultaneously or non-simultaneously? Then receive 125 addition Guest Points (GP), just by using this link on Homeexchange. During the sign-up process, you are rewarded with so many GP (I earned 1,750 GP) that you can already stay for free in your first homeexchange (for example, one night at my beachhouse costs 136 GP).*

Camping and travel in New Zealand

Going out

International money transfer / transfers made less costly – It helps to compare between providers because the foreign exchange market changes constantly

  • Through this ofx-link you save not only the one-off fees, you also receive a 0.65% better range off mid market rate. Customers not going through this link receive ca. 1.5% versus bank customers up to 4%, or even more if you change cash.*
  • Through this currencyfair-link you receive a €30 premium.* Or this link for five free transfers.
  • transferwise has often really good exchange rates.*

Travel literature and travel guides

  • Sh*T Towns of New Zealand.*
  • to come soon: my intercultural book about New Zealand, the first of its kind on the book market.

For the links marked with * I am also receiving a little premium.